Garena Free Fire Max Redeem codes for August 2022 & some facts about free fire

Today in this article I am going to give you Garena Free Fire Max Redeem codes for August 2022 as well as some such facts which are very important for you to know.

Friends, do you know that Garena Free Fire has many celebrity characters like DJ Alok, Hritik Roshan’s character named Jai, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Chrono.

Do you know how much money Garena has given to use her characters?

  • To use the character of Dj Alok, 32 cores have been given to Dj Alok.
  • The Jai character in Garena Free Fire is Hrithik Roshan’s character, so Hrithik Roshan has been given 60 crores for that.
  • The Chrono character who is the character of famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has paid around 260 crores to use his character in Garena Free Fire.

Do you know what was Garena Free Fire size when it was launched?

Do you know when Garena Free Fire was first launched then its size was only 56 MB, and now the size of this game is now above 1 GB and its size was only 56 MB earlier.

And when the free fire battlegrounds were launched then its name was not just free fire but Garena Free Fire, and the reason behind this is that the free fire game which is Garena company named Vietnamese gaming studio which was 111 Dot studio the game was built.

And the graphics for the free fire was prepared by Unity company, friends unity engine is a graphics-making company, and also unity company has made graphics for big games like Pubg, and Call of Duty.

When Garena Free Fire was launched, 50% of its shares were owned by Garena and 50% by another company. After a few months, Garena bought all the shares of free fire, then after that Garena company, a completely free fire owner became. And then the name of this game changed from free fire to Garena Free Fire.

As friends, all of you will know that the elite pass comes every month in free fire and many people also buy it, but do you know how much money Garena Free Fire earns every month from Free Fire Elite pass?

So friends, according to recent data, the Free Fire game earns 100 million dollars in a month only from the elite pass, that means, free fire earns about 650 crore Indian rupees every month from the elite pass.

Do you know which is the place in a free fire where players land more?

According to worldwide research, most players land on the Bermuda map at a clock tower location.

And the same thing should be said about the purgatory map, then in the purgatory map, most players land in the ski lodge.

Do you know who has the most diamonds in free fire or who has bought the most diamonds?

So some of you must have guessed as soon as you read the question that his name is sultan, but I want to tell you that there is still a player in Free Fire who has more diamonds than sultan and the name of this player is ALT22O, it always has more than 9 crore diamonds in its id.

And it also has a youtube channel with the same name as ALT22O, where you can go and see more than 9 crore diamonds are present in its id.

So now you must be thinking from where did this player get so many diamonds, so this player is a moderator of free fire. So you can assume that this is the special moderator of Garena Free Fire.

But technically, the sultan has the largest number of diamonds in the free fire, and the sultan has bought the most number of free fire diamonds so far.

And according to research, Sultan has bought diamonds worth 10 crore rupees in a free fire.

Do you know which is the rare bundle of free fire?

So some of you might be thinking hip hop would be the rarest bundle or criminal bundle would be the rarest bundle of free fire.

So friends, rare means that any 10 players out of millions of players have it, and the rarest bundle of free fire is the Dino ranger bundle.

And this is one of the rarest bundles of free fire that only a few players in the world have.

Which id is the most liked id of free fire?

So the name of this id is Batata500k. The name of this player is Batata500k, which has more than 3 lakh likes.

And this id has the world record of the most like id in a free fire.

Here is Garena Free Fire Max redeem codes for August 2022 for you

  • FF1164XNJZ2V
  • FF11NJN5YS3E
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So follow the steps given below to redeem the Garena Free Fire Max Redeem codes

  1. First of all, you have to go to the redeem website of free fire
  2. Then there you have to log in with your social media accounts.
  3. Then you have to copy the codes from the website and paste them onto the redeeming webpage and click on confirm.
  4. After that a pop-up will come, then you have to click on select OK.
  5. Then you have to claim the prize by going to the mail section of the game.

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