5 Best books apps for android and iphone

The only thing better than reading a good book is reading a good book for free I’m honestly quite surprised how many people still pay for books when there are ways to get them entirely for free. so in this article, I’m gonna share with you my favorite 5 best books apps that I use regularly to download entirely free books into my phone, and that works for iPhone just as well as for android.

Let’s get started the first app on our list that I absolutely love and that I use all the time is called My Books.

My Books

It’s a really cool and well-designed app that you can use to download free versions of very popular books. as you can see here the app offers you a browsing function that allows you to search after specific genres but it also lets you filter by different authors.

if you don’t find what you’re looking for right there, you can search the whole catalog of hundreds of thousands of books on this app.

as well as an editor’s pick which I really like because it makes it so much easier to make up your mind about what to read next.

now as you probably noticed on this app most of the books offered are classics and there’s a good reason for that the thing is that those books are no longer copyright protected so they are public domain and free to share for everyone.

which is a great thing because it becomes available to you and me and we don’t have to pay for it anymore at least if we know which apps to use.

and I can tell you right now. if you’re a lover of classic literature like I am then you probably never have to pay for another classic book again in your life if you use the tips in this article correctly but of course, not everyone is excited about classic literature there are other people who look for more modern books and there are apps for those people as well.

Rakuten Kobo

App number two on our list is called the Rakuten kobo now this is a fantastic app because it makes so many newly released books available to people for free.

Once you open the app you can see that there’s even a specific button showing you where the free books are, so they really make it as easy as possible for you to find them.

Now in my overview, all the books offered there are in Swedish because I live in Sweden but wherever you live you’re gonna find books in your local language.

Of course, the intention of gakutan with this app is that eventually you use it to also buy books that you’re interested in and then you can find them for free there but nobody forces you to do that.

you can take full advantage of their honestly quite big catalog of free books without ever paying a dime and I for one really love myself some free content in whatever form so if you feel the same way and you have enjoyed the free content.

For now, though let’s continue with our list of the best apps to get free books because we haven’t even gotten to the best ones yet.


And one of them is certainly oodles this is an app that I use on a regular basis because I just love the simplicity of the design and the user interface.

you open it and the very first thing that you see at the top is free classics, if you then decide to read one of them all you have to do is click on the book click on the download button and after a few seconds, you’re ready to go.

If however you feel a little bit undecided and you need some inspiration on what to read next fear not there are also categories of the top books and the top authors on this app so you can simply make your choice based on what other people love most and you can find anything from oscar wilde to mark twain to Charles dickens on this app.

just take a second here and appreciate how awesome that is those are some of the biggest names in literature in writing some of the most brilliant minds the world has ever seen and you’re able to download their entire collection of work with the click of a button and to make it even better all of that is for free I honestly don’t understand why not more people take advantage of that.


And speaking of taking advantage the next app is just as awesome it’s at number four on our list it is ireader now I know all my android users out there, unfortunately, don’t have access to this app but it’s just too awesome to not at least mention in this list and who knows maybe it even inspires one or two of you to switch over to iPhone.

the best thing about ireader is that it is designed by Apple so the interface just looks absolutely amazing it’s simple it’s easy to navigate and you have all your books neatly categorized.

if you then go into one of these categories for example literature you get a whole list of different books that are free and fully available to you just to have a quick look at the fantastic offers here we have pride and prejudice and peace donkey shot anna Karenina the list goes on and on.

so for everyone who has an iPhone I really recommend that you go and check out your pre-installed ireader, it’s totally worth your time


and with that, we have already reached the last app that I can recommend to get free books wherever you go this one is called aldiko.

this is yet another app that you open and you can barely believe that this is even legal. because immediately when you do you get books like the great gatsby treasure island or sherlock holmes offered to you for free.

books that easily cost you 15 to 20 bucks if you buy them in a bookstore so let’s say for example we decide to read the picture of Dorian gray one of the all-time greats all we do here is first click on the book then click on the download button and voila we’re ready to read.

you can also see that the navigation in the book itself is really as simple as possible all you have to do is swipe to get to the next page.

and there you have it the list of the five best apps to get books entirely for free books, oodles, Rakuten, reader, and aldiko and while all of them are great they are not all the same.

so I recommend that you get a few of them try them out and decide for yourself which ones you like best.

I hope this article was helpful to you and if you’re looking for some inspiration on what books to get started with I recently wrote an article about the best classics of all time. so really classics that I believe everyone should have read at least once in their lives you can check it out right up here.

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