How to get free UC in bgmi

How to get free UC in bgmi This question is often of that bgmi player who plays bgmi, with the help of these UC you can buy many things like outfits, royale pass, crate opening, companion, etc and many things in bgmi.

How to get free UC in bgmi
Bgmi user gets free UC (image via TechrishX Studios)

Many kids are crazy about UC, if they get free UC then they can also buy Royale passes like youtube streamers.

Some gamers can easily afford UC but some gamers don’t, so now they don’t need to be sad because now they too can buy UC like everyone else.

So we are going to tell you about some such real apps, with the help of which they will easily get free UC in bgmi.

What is UC in Bgmi and how does it work?

So first of all, we would have known about UC, what would they be and what is their use in bgmi.

UC is a type of currency that it has in the bgmi game, and the full form of this UC is UNKNOWN CASH.

With the help of this UC, bgmi gamers can buy anything they want in the bgmi game.

Here are the items that you can buy from UC in bgmi.

With the help of UC, which is the currency in a bgmi game, what can you buy from bgmi

  • Royale Pass
  • New Outfits
  • M416 skin
  • Cars Skinks
  • Parachute Skins
  • Bike Skins
  • Elite Royale Pass
  • New Characters: Victor, Carlo, Andy, Anna, and Sara
  • Emotes
  • Companions
  • Treasures

What will be the cost of 1 UC?

A UC cost will be around 0.0001 56 INR in bgmi.

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Apps with the help of which you will get free UC in bgmi?

So now we will tell you about those real apps, with the help of which you will get free UC in bgmi.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion rewards is a very good application, which has been made by google, and with the help of this you can easily buy UC in bgmi, and not in bgmi but can also make in-app purchases in any game.

In this app, you get surveys after signing up, when you complete those surveys, then you are given money in INR as rewards, which we can use to buy Royale Pass or UC in bgmi.

For daily surveys, you open google opinion rewards daily so that you get daily surveys.


Rooter is a streaming app in which streamers live stream, and Rooter has popularized the rooter application by collbarteing with skyesports and godlike esports.

So how can we get free uc in bgmi from this rooter application.

Users can earn rooter coins by watching the stream in it and convert it into UC (unknown cash). And by converting this coins, you can also take it directly in your Paytm wallet.

Here you get surveys that you can earn UC by completing, and here you also get to see tournaments in which you can easily earn free UC in bgmi.

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Bgmi has many tournaments going on, by winning which you can take UC and royale pass.

If you are a good player of bgmi then you can earn in UC free by playing tournament match of bgmi, with the help of which you can buy eaisly Royale Pass.

In Pubg, bonus challenges keep going, in that you can win bonus coupons by winning matches, and from those won coupons you can take direct UC or convert them into outs fits or car skins.


Bgmi India often does giveaway itself in which you can participate and win and get free UC in bgmi.

And there are many youtube streamers who keep giving giveaways, in which you can win UC.

Most of what happens in such giveaways is that they have to follow their social accounts and comment on their posts, in which they choose random users and give them their winning amount or UC.

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