Is GB WhatsApp is safe to use

In this article, we are going to tell you properly or after a good reserach why gb WhatsApp is safe or unsafe in the present time.

For whether Gb WhatsApp is safe or not, our team did a lot of research and after doing research, we are going to tell you some such facts so that if you have ever used gb WhatsApp, then after reading this article you will stop using gb WhatsApp.

First of all we will know about Gb whatsapp.

What is Gb WhatsApp?

Gb WhatsApp is a modified application which has been created by some developers by modifying the original Whatsapp.

Gb WhatsApp also known as ogmods.

Gb WhatsApp works like the same WhatsApp, in this also you can send messages to each other, send videos, you can make calls and video calls with your friends.

You will not find it on playstore or appstore like original Whatsapp because playstore and appstore does not allow such modded apps. To download Gb WhatsApp, you have to download it from third party application websites.

Now you guys must be thinking if same it works like Whatsapp then what is different in it. And what is Gb WhatsApp?

The developers of Gb WhatsApp have added many such features to Gb WhatsApp which are not included in the original Whatsapp.

Because of so many features, there is a lot of difference between gb whatsapp and original whatsapp.

And Gb WhatsApp is not a new app, it has been a long time. And gb WhatsApp gives the same experience as the original Whatsapp and also provides some extra features which are not in whatsapp.

In this features, dual WhatsApp can be used in the same device, features like hide message tick, auto-reply and gb bussines WhatsApp and long time status video.

What are the benefits of GB WhatsApp?

  • You can do all kinds of customization in Gb WhatsApp.
  • Where in original Whatsapp you cannot send large images and videos, here in Gb WhatsApp you can easily send large files images and videos to anyone.
  • The sign of the forward message can be removed from the top of the forwarded message.
  • You can save anyone’s status by downloading it.
  • You can freeze Last Seen in Gb WhatsApp.
  • If someone deletes the message sent to you, then those messages get saved in your gb WhatsApp and if someone deletes their status then it also gets saved in gb WhatsApp itself.
  • We can choose the theme of our choice and apply it.
  • And this is the main feature of gb WhatsApp, for this many people use it. Even if we get a message from someone and we see it, even then that person will not know that we have seen the message because they does not have a blue tick show until we reply to the message.

Disadvantages of Gb WhatsApp

  • After installing Gb WhatsApp, when you open it, then you allow all the permission, then it starts copying your data like photos and videos.
  • Gb WhatsApp is not available in Google play store and apple app store as it violates the Privacy Policy.
  • It also slows down your smartphone because it runs in the background because this modded Whatsapp contains a lot of spyware and malwares.
  • There is also no end to end encryption.
  • Gb WhatsApp update also does not happen by itself.
  • Due to spyware, it copies your payment gateways, credit & debit card details.
  • Due to Gb WhatsApp installed on your phone, your data is not safe at all because your data can be leaked.

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Is GBWhatsApp safe?

No, gb WhatsApp is not safe, it leaks all your data, when we open it for the first time, then it allows you all the permission. Out of that these people target photos and videos.

Not only gb WhatsApp, clone whatsapp and modded Whatsapp are not safe any which are easily available online at this time.

If you detect that you are using clone Whatsapp then WhatsApp suspends your account and number too.

Note for people who want to use GB WhatsApp

What are the features of Gb Whatsapp?

8 Best features of GB WhatsApp

  1. Hide Bluetick – In Gb WhatsApp, you can hide your Bluetick so that whenever you read someone’s message, that person will not know that you have seen his/her message.
  2. Freeze Last seen – You can freeze your last seen, and you can freeze it by choosing any date and time. Due to which no one will be able to find out when was the last time WhatsApp was used.
  3. Download Status – With the help of Gb WhatsApp, you can easily download anyone’s status.
  4. Hide typing – We can hide our typing so that the person in front of us with whom we are talking will not know that we are typing.
  5. Always Online – With the help of this feature, you can always show yourself online even if you are not even using Whatsapp.
  6. Themes option – Gb WhatsApp provides us with many WhatsApp themes, so that our WhatsApp looks cool to see.
  7. Disable Internet – With the help of this feature, you can turn off the internet services of your Whatsapp.
  8. Auto reply – In Gb WhatsApp, you can also set auto reply, so that whenever a person messages you, he/she will get auto reply.

GB WhatsApp download 2022

  • Gb WhatsApp download 2022 – First of all, you have to enable the setting of unknown source by going to the setting of your smartphone.
  • Gb whatsapp download 53 mb.
  • After gb WhatsApp apk download, you have to install it on your smartphone.
  • After this you can open GB whatsapp.

How to use GB WhatsApp

  • To use Gb WhatsApp, you have to open its application.
  • After opening, chats will come on your screen like the same original Whatsapp but in this you will get to see many different features.
  • In this, you can make the status longer than 30 seconds.
  • And there is no limit on sending photos and videos, which is a limit of 30 photos and videos in normal WhatsApp.
  • All the rest are normal features that you can see by opening GB WhatsApp apk.

Gb WhatsApp update 2022

Follow the steps to use the latest version of Gb WhatsApp on your smartphone.

  • First of all you have to open gbwhatsapp pro apk in smartphone.
  • Then you have to open the setting of options.
  • Now you will get the option of update on which you have to click.
  • After clicking on the Update option, you have to check whether a new update has come or not.
  • If the updated version has come, you will get the notification of that update.
  • After the notification show of Gb WhatsApp update, you can download the new version.

All best gb WhatsApp versions

Gb WhatsApp is not safe but still people use it a lot. The developers benefit from this and they keep updating the apk by releasing new versions of it.

  • gb whatsapp v12.11.0
  • gb whatsapp v 9.0
  • gb whatsapp v6.40
  • gb whatsapp business apk
  • gb whatsapp latest version 14.23
  • gb whatsapp old version 6.85
  • gb whatsapp version 10.00
  • gb whatsapp version 6.40
  • gb whatsapp version 13.50
  • gb whatsapp version terbaru
  • gb whatsapp version 13
  • gb whatsapp version 14
  • gb whatsapp version 15
  • gb whatsapp version 12
  • gbwhatsapp pro v10
  • gb whatsapp old version 8.40

In this article, we have told you by reserach whether Gb WhatsApp is safe or not. Hope you liked this article.

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